Pea Souk Vegetarian Cafe, Falmouth, Cornwall

Welcome to Pea Souk Vegetarian Café, found in the heart of Falmouth, a totally unique culinary experience.

At Pea Souk, the emphasis is on the seasons, authentic food cultures and the integrity of our ingredients. We combine layers of intense flavours with sublime textures to stimulate your tastebuds, whether vegetarian, vegan or simply a lover of food, our cooking will delight all.

By day we offer delectable daily specials combined with simple snacks such as our famous club sandwiches and our eclectic range of burgers. Evening bookings can be made in advance, we offer you an intimate and informal atmosphere where you can feast on the finest of Pea Souk cuisine.

Pea Souk is run by Nicola Willis, a prolific culinary globetrotter. She is self taught but honed her Art at The Vegetarian Society’s prestigious cookery school where she was Cordon Vert trained. She takes a ‘no nonsense’ approach to service whilst the food does the talking!

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